Carlota Arias - Heart Attack Survivor

In June 2018, 43 year old Carlota experienced a heart attack which required a stent to open her blocked coronary artery.

At the time, Carlota was smoking, had high cholesterol, was overweight (107kg), didn't exercise, drank one bottle of wine per day and was depressed. 

Carlota decided to enrol in the St Vincent's Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation program to make some important lifestyle changes and improve her overall health.

Carlota attended the program twice per week for education, exercise and support following her heart attack. After Carlota's phase two program had finished, she decided to enroll in the maintenance exercise classes in the gym to keep her on the right track.

Today, just over 12 months later, Carlota has lost a huge 26kg! Aside from weight loss, she has quit both smoking and alcohol, continues to exercise and says she feels so much better.

The photos speak for themselves!

Congratulations Carlota for maintaining your commitment to your heart health. Keep up the great work!