Heart Lung Clinic (Transplant Services)

The Heart and Lung Transplant Unit at St Vincent's Hospital has a variety of online resources and services to support transplant patients throughout their recovery. 

External Pathology Results 

If you have had external pathology, please complete the External Pathology for Transplant Recipients Form

Please follow these important steps:

  1. Use Pathology Request forms from the Clinic - NOT from your GP
  2. Please have your pathology preferably collected at SydPath or Laverty 

Doctors will:

  • Review your blood test results
  • Phone you with changes. Please note, this call may come from a private number
  • Contact you via text or email if your blood test results are normal. This means you do not need to change anything
  • Inform you about when you need to have further bloods taken.

Online Scripts 

To request transplant medications, please complete the Heart-Lung Clinic Scriptline Request Form.

Please note:

  1. All non transplant medications are to be requested from your regular GP
  2. Due to COVID -19, all scripts will be sent to the SVH Outpatient Pharmacy. The pharmacist will phone you, then your medication will be dispatched to your home address. 

Writing to the donor family

If you would like to write a letter to your donor family, you can either:

  • Drop your letter into the letterbox in the Heart Lung Clinic reception or
  • Email your letter to donorletters@svha.org.au

There is a video outling the steps to write to the donor family in the Transplant Members Area

Online Transplant Rehabilitation Program

We are pleased to announce that a complimentary online Transplant Rehabilitation Program for St Vincent's Hospital transplant members is now available to support recipients and their family during their recovery. The Members Area consists of online education from the transplant multidisciplinary team and telehealth follow up. 

A username and password is required to access the online program. To receive a username and password, please email the Heart Lung Clinic or phone (02) 8382 3158. 

To access the online transplant program simply:

  1. Go to the SVH Heart Transplant Members Area
  2. Enter the Username and Password provided.

Managing your Wellbeing in Hospital

Being readmitted to hospital can be a challenging time for you and your loved ones. The St Vincent's Hospital Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Team have developed a resource to help you to Manage your Wellbeing in Hospital.

Heart and Lung Clinic Information

Clinic Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm
*** If you are unwell, please call before presenting to the clinic ***
Transplant Coordinators: 02 8382 3158
Transplant Workup Nurses: 02 8382 3835
After hours: Monday to Friday after 4:00pm or on weekends. Please call the SVH switchboard 02 8382 1111 & ask for the ‘Transplant Coordinator/ Heart or Lung Registrar On-call'