SIRENS Profile


SIRENS (Supporters In the Resuscitation of Emergency Department Needs at St Vincent’s) Group was officially launched in September 2001 by the then NSW Premier, the Hon Bob Carr, MP.

Its founding member Sister Jacinta Fong, rsc, had a vision that was clear and concise – she wanted to raise funds to enable the St Vincent’s Hospital Emergency Department to have the money it needed to purchase new medical equipment so it could continue its 158 year tradition of providing vital medical services to anyone who walked through the Emergency Department door.


Since its humble beginning SIRENS has raised over $13,000,000. Every cent of that money has gone towards the purchase of much needed equipment and services for the St Vincent’s Emergency Department thanks to the support of its many generous and special donors and benefactors.

Donations have enabled the SIRENS Group to purchase cardiac monitors, MRI’s, resuscitation monitors, ECG’s, Ultrasound machines, wheelchairs, scanners, computers just to name a few. Its most recent contribution allowed the hospital to launch this pioneering cardiac rehabilitation heart health website.


As with all charitable organisations, fundraising is an integral part of raising money for what is needed. The SIRENS Group limits their active fundraising to a function each Valentine’s Day and a Thanksgiving Dinner every second year. Any donations received above and beyond these activities are accepted with heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

The SIRENS Group does not disclose the name and address or any other personal information of any donor to any other organisation or body and does not share its database. Whilst we seek to recognise our donors support at times we will not display the name of the donor if the donor so requests. Details are strictly confidential and used only for fundraising purposes. Donor anonymity is practiced when requested. If you would like access to the personal information we hold or wish to have your name removed you just need to contact us.